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Busch Gardens Announces New Wooden Roller Coaster for 2017!

Ahead of their pass member preview day on Saturday March 19th, Busch Gardens Williamsburg released the updated site plans for their upcoming Project 2017. If you’ve haven’t been following, BGW marketing “leaked” the first set of site plans back on February 3rd. On those plans, the only real info was about the queue area and coaster buildings. In this latest release we can see the entire coaster path with an abundance of footers throughout the whole length. What does this mean?! WOODIE!

Busch Gardens will be getting it’s first wooden roller coaster in 2017. Park goers have been clamoring for a wooden coaster for years, but everyone believed it would never happen due to the relatively loudness of wood coasters and the parks close proximity to Kingsmill Resort. Apparently they have overcome those issues. Below is an updated graphic with the full coaster path. Also an overlay of how it will fit into the area. We’re working on getting more information and we’ll post more on the announcement over the weekend.



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