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Busch Gardens Announces $14 “Twinkle Ticket” for Christmas Town


$14 Christmas Town tickets go on sale Friday




Williamsburg, VA (November 10, 2015) – Busch Gardens® is kicking off the brightest sale of the season this Friday, Nov. 13 with a flash sale of a $14 Twinkle Ticket, valid select days during the 2015 Christmas Town season. The Twinkle Ticket will be available only at www.christmastown.com/va starting this Friday. This five-day flash sale ends Nov. 17.

The Twinkle Ticket is valid on the following dates: Nov. 29; Dec. 4, 6, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 24, 30, 31; and Jan. 1 and 3.

“This is the absolute best deal of the season. Nothing else comes close in price for a single-day ticket to Christmas Town,” said Marketing Vice President Dan Dipiazzo.
With eight million lights, Christmas Town truly is where Christmas shines brightest. Christmas Town brings holiday traditions to life with delicious holiday dining, festive shopping opportunities and heartwarming shows.

Christmas Town is open select days Nov. 27-Jan. 3, 2016. For a complete operating schedule, visit www.christmastown.com/va.

Twas That Night on Ice

World champion and two-time Olympic silver medalist Elvis Stojko will headline a new holiday-themed ice show at Christmas Town this year. ‘Twas That Night™ is a live performance on ice being produced by the same team that created the park’s 2014’s Scrooge No More!™ production.

Busch Gardens’ entertainment team is transforming the Busch Gardens’ Royal Palace Theatre stage into a glistening frozen pond, creating a sense of nostalgia for guests in the retelling of the popular Christmas classic. ‘Twas That Night is based on the popular poem A Visit From St. Nicholas, published in 1823 by Clement Moore.

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  • sandra blake

    But – do you need to pay separate admission for entry into the park? I think so.

    • Cody Green

      Not at all. That is admission.

    • jpeltr

      No you do not. The $14 is the admission to the park. We bought these tickets last year

  • Matt Conkle

    No separate admission required…..this is a single day ticket to Christmastown. It’ll be available on the Busch Gardens website starting Friday the 13th

  • W McKnight

    Do you have to specify a date when you purchase tickets?

    • Matt Conkle

      I’m about 95% sure you don’t, they are just valid on those days for admission

  • Sarah Chappell

    Is this Twinkle ticket replacing the 12 Days of Christmas tickets where tickets were $12?

    • Matt Conkle

      Yes, these are essentially the same promotion as last year.

  • Cindy Loftis

    Are the penguins there every year? I want to go for the lights and all the other events, but I really want to see the penguins!!

    • Matt Conkle

      Penguins are gone this year. They have been replaced with the brand new ice skating show in the Royal Palace Theater.

  • Julie Camarena

    Will there be unlimited visit passes available again this year?

    • Matt Conkle

      Yes. The unlimited are $35, unless you’re a season pass holder in which you get a $5 discount

  • Lacy

    Can you buy tickets at the gate as well? I know it would be regular price, but in case we had an extra person come w/ us?

    • Matt Conkle

      No, the $14 tickets are only available for 5 days starting Friday. You can buy tickets at the gate, but they would be the $35 single day price.

  • Dixie Greer

    The 28th for Christmas Town, the cost would be 35.00, correct?

    • Matt Conkle


  • Mike Phelan

    The Twinkle Ticket will be available only at http://www.christmastown.com/va starting this Friday. This five-day flash sale ends Nov. 17.

  • L Davis

    What is the fireside feast? Do you have to make special arrangements for that?

    • Matt Conkle

      Fireside Feast is an all you can eat buffet and show in the Ireland area. You can see a video of it listed above in the post. Cost is $31 for 9+, $20 for 3-9 and free for 2 and under. This cost would be in addition to the single day ticket.

  • Kristine Stewart Endres

    Will you still be able to add fireside feast to the ticket

    • Matt Conkle

      Should be able to, but the Fireside Feast would not be discounted.

  • C Michele Klawitter

    Do these tickets give you entrance to enjoy all the rides of Busch Gardens as well or just for this ChristmasTown?

    • Matt Conkle

      It gets you into Busch Gardens, they decorate the whole park and just call it ChristmasTown. Once you are in, you can do everything you normally would in the park. Just note that most of the coasters are closed with the exception of Verbolten. Land of Dragons and Forest of Fun are also closed during ChristmasTown.

  • Tari Wainwright

    Do you purchase these tickets through the BG website or is there a link to follow?

  • Samantha Clanton

    Is it free for a 1 year old?

    • Matt Conkle

      Yes. 0-2 years old get free admission into the park year around.

  • heather

    When you get the ticket will you be offered to selet the dinner with santa or do you have to order that different

    • Matt Conkle

      I would think that you should be able to add the Fireside Feast to the cart as well, but the show would not be discounted like the tickets.

  • Jody Gunn

    Do you pay extra for the ice skating show? or how do you find out when that is showing?

    • Matt Conkle

      “Twas That Night Ice Show” is included with your ticket. It’s showing in the Royal Palace Theater in the France section of the park. When you enter the park, grab a map and it will have all the shows of that day listed along with their show times.

    • Sharon Chittum

      Ive heard? you pay
      extra for parking, extremely crowded, and be prepared for a lot of walking. I’ve never been there but I did a little research and not real good reviews.

      • Matt Conkle

        Parking for non pass members is an additional $15 per car. Crowds are definitely big on Saturdays. With this offer, you can expect Fridays and Sundays to be busy as well. If you can try to swing it on a those couple of weekdays, when the kids are still in school it’ll be a much better experience.

        • lizz

          check the dates no saturdays, most of the dates are weekdays

          • Matt Conkle

            Yes, I know. I was more specifically responding to Sharon’s question/comment about crowds, not really commenting on this deal. But I can understand why my statement could be confusing.

      • pandazzz

        A lot of walking?? It’s an amusement park. Not dissimilar to Six Flags, Kings Dominion, etc. It’s not a tiny, neighborhood park. I shouldn’t be shocked at the laziness of people, but I just can’t help it. Walking is now an inconvenience. There is a train and a skyride for the lazy folks who don’t want to walk. I went the last 2 years on Saturdays and both times it was not as crowded as a regular summer day at BG. We were able to ride twice on a couple of the roller coasters since there weren’t that many people in line.

        • Dawn C Key

          agreed…this is an amusement park

  • Tina Smith Lanna

    So it is only good for one day? IF you are a season pass holder you can buy unlimited for $30 per person?

    • Matt Conkle

      Yes, the $14 ticket is a single day ticket. If you are a season pass holder, you can get unlimited CT for $30, correct

  • Tiffany

    Is there a time of morning the sale on the tickets begins?

    • Matt Conkle

      I’d say it’s probably midnight

  • pandazzz

    Last year they were $12..Thanks a lot, BG. Even the sale prices are getting jacked up.

  • Sylvia

    Are the rides all open on these days?

  • I thought I missed the sale, but I went to BG website and they are still available. 🙂

  • anna227a

    Do you think they’ll have this sale for this year’s event?